Coliba is an African start-up that puts technology at the service of recycling
plastic waste through a web application, mobile, and SMS.

Coliba is an african start up that puts technology at the service of recycling plastic waste through a web applicaiton, mobile and SMS.

A new dawn in recycling

COLIBA is a startup engaged in setting up a circular economy that is powered through the COLIBA digital solution. We are an inclusive: 80% of our contract employees are women waste pickers. 

Welcome to Coliba Ghana Ltd

We are a Leading Ghanaian Plastic Waste Recycling Company, Committed to The Environment.

Coliba 2.0 is the fist African Mobile app designed to manage plastic waste across West Africa. Coliba Recycling seeks to innovatively address the plastic waste pollution in the West Africa region through a franchise model that integrates Coliba Rangers (Waste pickers) into the digital platform that enables homes, institutions and communities start and request recycling services with click of the finger.

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Plastic Recycling Services

We offer complete plastic recovery, collection, and recycling services through our tailored digital solutions and effective waste pickers network. This way we sustain already existing solutions in a new way.


Business Solutions

We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


Quality Services

We focus on recycling various forms of plastic waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact through an incentive based model.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive industry-specific recycling services, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses, corporations and households.

Plastic Waste Collection

Assist client start recycling program, set up logistic for recovery and responds to collection request digitally.

Recycling Services

Recovers, Collects and Recycles various forms of plastic waste, paper and beverage cans into new products. Clients can request for this service through the Coliba app.

GreenTech Solution

Coliba delivers digital solutions and cloud based platform that is tailored to beat plastic pollution through awareness creation and allowing clients and customers start recycling programs as well as request pick up with click of the button.

Quality Audits

Internal & external audit of its collection and recycling operations and measuring environmental impact and CO2 offset using the UNFCC standards.

Recycled Products

Plastic wastes are recycled into new products for the local and international market


Coliba creates an incentive approach for recovery of various plastics and integrating women waste pickers as stakeholders.

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